The Dirty Truth On Bed Sheets

The Dirty Truth On Bed Sheets

Most people might not realize this but they are harboring something very disturbing behind their bedroom doors. Every day they way wake up in a cesspool of filth and garbage. Every night they sleep with foul creatures that eat their dead flesh while excreting loads of waste material on their bed. If a person has not washed their sheets in weeks these creatures explode in number and they start to cause all sorts of health problems. The dirty truth on bed sheets is that they are filthy places for microorganisms to breed and grow.

Microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and dust mites are commonly found on beds. When scientists and microorganism researchers places a bed sheet under a microscope; the many microorganisms on linen can be clearly seen. Let’s take a look at the microscopic life that people typically have on their bed.

Dust Mites in the Bed

First, let’s start with dust mites. Dust mites are going to naturally appear in many people’s beds because they feed off of dead skin cells. Dust mites are necessary because they help to get rid of the constant build-up that results from shedding skin. If dust mites were not around, people would lie in a noticeable amount of their dead skin every week. Keep in mind that dust is nothing but dead skin.

At least 4 in 5 homes have an elevated amount of dust mites. These creatures multiply by the millions. Dust mites thrive in homes where the humidity levels are high. They also increase in number during the cold winter months when people are more confined to the indoors.

The best way that people can keep dust mites under control in their bedrooms is by frequently cleaning their sheets. They should also steam clean their mattresses at least once a month. The typical mattress can contain pounds of dead skin, dust mites and their waste. So, it is very important to keep a mattress in very good condition as much as possible.

The Dirty Truth On Bed Sheets

Bacteria in the Bed

Just like dust mites are a problem in a person’s bed; so are bacteria. Even if a person cleans their sheets and keeps their room tidy; they’re still there. There are four main type of bacteria that are commonly found in bedroom linen. They include gram-positive cocci, gram-positive rods, bacilli and gram-negative rods.
What do all of these strange sounding creatures represent? These creatures can cause food poisoning, pneumonia, infections and they can cause people to inadvertently to build up a resistance to antibiotics. The best way to get rid of these creatures or at least to reduce their numbers is by cleaning. A person can also use basic cleaning agents to get rid of these microscopic organs.


Other Important Facts about Microorganisms and Bed Linen

Bed linen is naturally going to have a lot of dust mites, microorganisms and germs. The reason being is that people naturally take these creatures into their bedroom every time they get into and out of bed. If they walk around barefoot, the organisms from the floor will be in their bed. If they get into bed without showering, then the microorganisms on their bodies will also be in bed with them.

The point is that microorganisms are going to be in bed with people regardless. There is no such thing as a completely micro and germ-free environment; unless someone lives in a controlled environment where these creatures cannot get out. People should make sure that they frequently wash and change their sheets. They also should change their mattress whenever it needs to be replaced.

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