My Dad Loves His New Watch!

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Whether it is a wedding anniversary, birthday, or Father’s day, I am always searching for something unique to gift my father in order to express my gratitude for all the sacrifices he has made to give me whatever I asked for. A mens watches under 100 is also one such kind of a unique gift, as it can remind my dad of all the good times we spent together over the years, and the strong bond he has created between us.

So at his 58th birthday, I decided to give him a watch which matches his personality and something he will use regularly.

My dad not only loves to wear gentlemen clothes, but he also loves to handle his matters like gentlemen. Every day, he wakes up long before everyone else to press his pocket square and read newspaper early in the morning. He insists that I should put on more sensible clothes throughout the day. Although, he might not have worn a pair of jeans since a decade.

A father’s heart is often compared to a heart made of gold because of the love it holds for its children regardless of any condition. So I thought, wouldn’t it be perfect to repay all of his hard work and sacrifices by giving him a gold watch? Men love wearing a gold watch especially if they wear gentlemen clothes like my father.

For my classic old gentlemen, I bought a watch with a beautiful guilloche dial, vintage leather strap, and durable mechanism he can rely on. The Swiss movement guarantees the precision for a lifetime and the refined design which speaks for itself. The presence of sharp, clean numerals on the dial along with a beautiful gold plated face is hard to resist as well.

The excitement I saw on his face when I gave him the watch on his birthday is inexplicable. Simply put, my dad loves his new watch!

Nowadays, fashion trends go out of style too often, but one thing is for sure, vintage watches are always admired. I hope that this classic watch will become a great companion for my father throughout the rest of his graceful life.

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How to be an entreprenuer

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In this world, you are either an employee or a business owner, in which case the entrepreneur is in control, makes all the decisions and assumes all the risk. Being an entrepreneur and having your own business gives you the freedom to be in control of your own destiny, finances (, time and your entire life. Even though owning a business can be stressful and a risk to take, being an entrepreneur is something to be proud of, as it is a significant achievement.

Develop A Business Concept and Action Plan

Even if you already have an idea, you must develop a business concept as well as a action plan in order to become an entrepreneur. A business concept is more than idea, it is a combination of processes and systems. Perhaps you want to open a fashion boutique. Not only do you have to create your products, you must also create a marketing plan, a sales system, and operation processes. You must also formulate an action plan that will take you from the conceptual process to implementation and then to execution. An entrepreneur must creates a business concept and action plan that is more than just an imaginary concept, or a written business plan. Your formulated plan must break down every aspect of your business to a point that every step of the process is detailed, and all of the unknowns are addressed.

Network With Other Professionals In That Field

even if you plan to be an entrepreneur who works as a sole proprietor, you want to network with other professionals who are already active in that industry in order to gain knowledge, create a team, and gain a competitive advantage. Not only will you learn how the business operates in real time by networking with other professionals, you will also take time off your learning curve by having access to resources that you would normally have to find on your own. Even more, having a network of professionals in your industry puts you in the know in your community to that you are aware of all the major players who may be at one point or another influential in your business.

Organize All Of Your Resources

was implemented a plan and you have built a team of professionals who are like-minded, you need to ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle are accessible and organize. For instance, if you were to create an online website where you sell products, you need a website, hosting, domain name, business logo, pre-written email campaign materials as well as inventory.

Take Your First Steps

In order to become a entrepreneur and fully realize your dreams, your business concept, networking, and resources cannot go in vain. The moment you begin to take action, whether you are successful or not, that is when you actually become an entrepreneur. Most people have brilliance business concepts and ideas that would be successful, but what keeps them from becoming an entrepreneur is that they fail to take action. The difference between an idealistic person an entrepreneur is the fact that the entrepreneur a business owner, or entrepreneur

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How to Trim a Beard Without a Trimmer

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Many people rely on a salon service to trim their beards. This is a necessary visit if a man does not know how to trim his own beard. However, there is a fairly easy technique that can be used at home to trim a beard using just a comb and scissors. The trick is possessing the right comb and scissors.

There are thick combs that can be purchased to use instead of a beard trimmer with a guard. This comb should be the thickness of at least a 2 guard, so go to a beauty supply store to get the comb. The scissors can be purchased at a drug store as long as they are hair cutting sheers. Many men prefer to get better quality scissors, but also be careful because the sharper the scissors, the more effective the cut. This might not be good when going around the lip area.

To trim the beard, simply rest the comb and bring it slightly upwards until the hair sticks out with hair trimmer. Then trim the protruding hair with the scissors. Do this motion for the entire beard. Then, take the scissors and trim around the lips so that the hair does not stick out past the lips.

Finally, take a shaver and lather around the beard. Then outline the beard area with a shaving razor so that the outline of the beard is clean. After this is done, wash the face to see how the beard looks. Trim any strangling hairs.

Some men like to apply beard oil after this is done or during the cut for a smoother cut. This is okay but I would recommend waiting until after so that the hair and hands do not get too slippery. If the oil has never been used, do a patch test on the back of the ear or a small area of the beard to ensure tolerance. There is nothing worse than applying an oil that causes irritation to the whole beard.

This is a step by step guide on how to trim a beard without a trimmer. This process applies to shorter beards as longer beard bottoms are trimmed just like trimming hair.

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Garment Steamer Vs Iron

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You want your clothes to look neat and fresh every day, and you want the same for your family’s clothing. When you start with clothes steamer reviews 2016, you will see why a garment steamer is often a better option than a traditional iron.

A Garment Steamer Is Better For Your Clothes

Traditional irons may be appropriate for certain fabrics. However, there are many fabrics that can be damaged by ironing. Even if you use delicate settings, there is always the risk of damaging your clothes.

garment-steamer2This risk does not exist with a garment steamer. It works with hot steam, and nothing but steam comes in contact with your clothes. You can avoid damage from hot irons by using a steamer instead.

A second benefit is the steamer is easier on your clothing. The fabrics stay in better condition.

A Garment Steamer Is Easier For You

Using a garment steamer is a simple process. All you need to do is hang the item and allow the steamer to apply the hot steam. The item will be completely free from wrinkles, and it will be fresh and neat.

It saves time, and it helps you conserve space in your home. While any household can benefit from a garment steamer, it is especially handy for individuals and couples who do not have large amounts of laundry on a regular basis. A small, compact steamer can fit nearly anywhere, so you do not need to worry about storage. When you have a clothes steamer, you will not have ironing boards and irons taking up space in your house or apartment.

Garment Steamers Are Portable, Too

A garment steamer is also ideal for traveling. It is easy to remove wrinkles from your clothing whether you are in a hotel or visiting a friend’s house. When you have a garment steamer, you will always look your best. You can unpack your clothes from your suitcase, quickly steam them with your clothes steamer, and they will look brand-new.

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Choosing to Use Insect Repellent

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There are times when you must spend time outside and when you must deal with insects in order to do that. There are times when you want to be outside but the insects that are around make it hard for you to be out there. If you feel that insects mess with your life and stop you from doing all that you want to do, or if you find insects to be annoying when you must be outside, then you will find that insect repellent can help you out. When you purchase a good type of repellent, one that really does all that it is supposed to do, then you will be able to enjoy the outdoors in a new way.

Choose Insect Repellent to Avoid Annoying Insects:

insect-repellentYou would like to keep insects away so that you can spend time outside without the annoyance that they bring about. You get tired of shooing insects away and you are sick of dealing with them. Choose to use insect repellent so that you do not have to deal with the bother that insects are.

Choose Insect Repellent to Stay Safe:

You need to keep yourself safe from the kinds of diseases that insects can carry. In order to keep yourself safe, you need to avoid being bit by insects. You will find that insect repellent can help to keep bugs away from you, and you should choose to use it in order to stay safe.

Choose to Use Insect Repellent:

You should be able to enjoy time outside and you should be able to stay safe when you are outside. You should choose to use insect repellent in order to watch over yourself and in order to keep from being annoyed. Choose to use a good type of insect repellent to stay safe from insects.

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